Our employees are rockstars. We are their agents.

At Forte Interactive, our employees are the stars that make it all happen, and the leadership team is here to guide them and help them grow. Our company has been growing steadily since 1999, and our employees and clients have been growing with us.

  • Clay-Leadership-4

    Clay Williams

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    Clay is the driving force behind our company’s technology. Clay has over 26 years of experience in technology development. A recognized authority in the field of advanced system development, he has been published and lectured on such subjects as Expert Systems, Database Design and Business Process Automation.

  • Rob-Leadership-1

    Robert Anderson

    Founding Partner

    In addition to a founding partner, Rob serves as RacePartner’s “Chief Endurance Officer.” Rob is a 3-time Ironman, avid marathoner, and has a long history in the event management industry. Rob understands that race directors need world-class service, support and technology to be successful online.

  • slade_headshot

    S. Slade Sundar

    Chief Operating Officer

    As Forte’s COO, Slade wears many hats. He leads software innovation and marketing strategy teams in two distinct industries (Endurance and Nonprofit) helping clients engage millions of millennial end-users online. He is also responsible for recruiting, training, and managing a staff of Millennials and is the creator of the results-driven, “west coast startup” performance culture that has driven our success.

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  • Monte-Leadership-1

    Monte Lambert

    Vice President of Solutions

    As our VP of Solutions, Monte is a master of composing solutions that are perfectly tuned for each organization. Monte has a long history of consulting on nonprofit and endurance technology. Monte is also responsible for developing our key business partnerships to help us provide more value to our clients.

  • Mariana-Leadership-2

    Mariana Williams

    Vice President of Client Success

    As our VP of Client Success, Mariana leads the team that works closely with our clients to translate the online world into an easy to understand, step-by-step process that takes the stress out of launching a new web presence. She ensures that our processes keep our clients successful from start to finish.

  • Derrick-Leadership-22-300x225

    Derrick Feldmann

    President,  Achieve

    As the President of Achieve,  Derrick is thought leader in the ever-changing world of fundraising,  with continued research efforts through the Millennial Impact Project, and MCON. As co-author of “Cause for Change: The Why and How of Nonprofit Millennial Engagement” he is a sought-after speaker. He contributes to the Huffington Post and the Achieve division’s research is frequently quoted and referenced in Fast Company, Time, Forbes, Chronicle of Philanthropy and other major publications.

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